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2012 Mercedes C Class Review Uk Dating

2012 mercedes c class review uk dating

Available as a sober-suited saloon, practical estate and sleek coupe, the Mercedes has been d to go head-to-head with the brilliant BMW 3 Series and desirable Audi A4. Buyers get to pick from a wide-range of petrol and diesel engines, while high datiing fans can opt for the tyre-smoking, V8-powered C63 AMG range-topper. All versions are well equipped, with air-con, 2012 mercedes c class review uk dating and alloy wheels featuring throughout the range. The turbocharged 1. But for most buyers the 2.

Mercedes-Benz CLS: Third generation of the original.

Camilla does, however, raise an interesting point. Why is it normal to sit in the back whenever the driver is paid for help? The view is not as good. And you are more likely to feel queasy. It would be easy to suggest that people choose to sit back there because it makes them look important.

But is it, I wonder, that simple? Search for and buy a used Mercedes C-class on driving. Could it be he likes to travel round in the back of a car because it reminds him of his childhood? Is he sitting back there, hidden from view behind the C-pillar, sucking his thumb?

Of course you may argue that this is nonsense, because perfectly normal people choose to sit in the back of the year-old Toyota Avensis minicab that has just picked them up at six in the morning to take them, on completely the wrong road, via six petrol stations, to the airport.

On the face of it this is even more ridiculous, because what are you trying to say from your pleblon perch in the back? That you have a chauffeur? So why, if you can afford that, do you have him drive you about in a sagging and slightly smoky former repmobile?

And why has he just pulled up at a seventh petrol station to put yet another 50p-worth of diesel in the tank? You would sit in the front with a friend. And with your wife. And with a colleague. So why get in the back of a minicab? Why sit there, in a puddle of sick, ankle-deep in used condoms? Or that you even have friends with such a heap. Also, if you are in the back, he is less likely to mistake your inner thigh for the gearlever.

Or talk to you. But this is a premium car, so any fuel costs will be balanced out somewhat by the above-average cost of servicing, parts and insurance, especially if you go through the main dealers. But it is definitely a calm and quiet cruiser, perfect for long journeys, particularly the larger V6 engines. And the gap between it and the 3 Series was narrowed a bit by the recent mid-life refresh of the C-Class — if you really want to live by the seat of your pants, then you go for the mad, bad and dangerous-to-know C63 AMG, which accelerates from mph in only 4.

The downside is that you have to have the vague and clunky manual gearbox and smaller alloy wheels to be able to match these figures. The optional seven-speed automatic has seamless gear changes and suits the saloon's relaxed character much more, but it is less efficient and will cost you more — still, it's the version we would recommend.

There's plenty of space inside the sleek dimension, but passengers in the back may find the somewhat hard seats a bit uncomfortable over long drives. Which is fine, except for the fact that the opening is an awkward shape, which makes loading and unloading much more difficult than it should be.

You can add split-folding seats as an optional extra, but this is now considered a standard feature on much less expensive mainstream cars, let alone in a premium model like the C-Class. Image 17 of 17 Inside the C-Class, legroom is fairly good in the back but is compromised by a big lump in the floor underneath the middle seat.

Also, the back seats are a little hard, and become fairly uncomfortable over longer drives. But you do get a large glove compartment and lots of useful storage bins dotted around the interior. It represented a real step forward in safety and reliability, helping to shore up Mercedes reputation in the process.

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