Aries Man Dating A Virgo Woman ;

Aries Man Dating A Virgo Woman

aries man dating a virgo woman

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Alec Baldwin and Cheri Oteri When the youthful and highly energetic Aries soul comes in aries man dating a virgo woman datlng a mature and defensive Virgo soul, we can witness a lively blend of emotions and practicality in their relationship. Aries man is always teeming with fresh ideas and he detests anyone who tries to snatch away his glory. He has a youthful aura which is very charming and attractive. He will always find her to be very pleasant and synchronized lady with purity of love only aa Virgo can provide. But at times Aries man in love with a Virgo girl finds it difficult to keep up with her practicality, which makes him outrageous.

Virgo Woman Aries Man Love Compatibility

As it happens in every relation we argue a bit also but every time it gets sorted. We have been in relationship only for 1 and a half year only but we understand each other completely and she trusts me completely and because of this we share a very good sex relationship. She is the best thing in my life that I have got after my family and I never want to leave her I really enjoy being with her and still think what would I do without her? I am a Virgo woman who recently entered into an online relationshipwith a very dynamic, passionate Aries man.

He plays a prominent role in asocial network that I'm part of and I'm constantly amazed at how many peoplelook up to him. He is intelligent and has fantastic leadership skills. Sexually he keeps me on my toes all the time. He is direct and demands what hewants - which suits me perfectly. I enjoy shocking him We're both explicit in communicating our sexual needs and wants - and have beenenjoying sensational cybersex.

He can be very poetic at times and knows exactlyhow to reassure me when I feel like things are spinning out of control. We have been communicating well in written form - it remains to be seen whatcommunication with him will be like if we ever meet face to face. I am a Virgo woman and I'm extremely interested in this one specificAires man.

There's just something about him! We don't hang out often, but whenwe do its amazing! He's really hard to read! I can't quite figure him out. Idon't know the type of approach to use with him. When I'm with him I can reallyfeel that he likes me a lot and we just mesh well.

He is a CEO of a company andworks all the time. I don't understand why he's not pursuing me the way I wanthim to! What do I have to do to get his full attention?! He and I have so much in common and he's very understanding, kind and alltogether a decent man. Whoever said that an Virgo woman and an Aries mancouldn't be a couple obviously didn't meet one as worthwhile as my guy.

I read one post where someone could not read their Aries guy. I amgoing through the same thing. Only thing is he tells me everything I want tohear, and I know will give me the world. Although sometimes I feel as if thereis something behind his quite demeanor, and it's killing me.

Can someone helpme figure it out! I am a Virgo. I have been dating an Aries for almost three months. Iknow where a lot of you are coming from. He just looked like he knew what he wantedout of life and I admire that. In the beginning it was a cat and mouse game heapproached me and I would be standoffish but flirty it was great but it tookhim a while to make a move.

I over analyzed that for hours but I think they areslightly taken aback with Virgo's mystique, so try to show some interest back.

I am notthe kind of person that wastes my time on a relationship with no future. Oncehe realized I was" all or nothing" he committed. When we are together it isamazing! He makes me laugh all the time. He likes to try new restaurants heeven convinced me to skip work and go to the beach.

Aries are sowell rounded and as a Virgo I look for perfection. I've found a person plays aninstrument, is intelligent and opinionated a phenomenal athlete and attractiveyet has a caring air about him. I can't get enough ofhim.

I know I have found something special and realin an Aries man I am a Virgo woman trying to date an Aries doctor. It sucks for me ifit wasn't that I really had feelings for him.

He ignores me all the time, to thepoint that I am starting to think he is not interested. Well, I don't know what to say, we didn't even get the time to get to know eachother I am an Aries man and I have been married to my Virgo wife for 7years and counting. She is awesome and very caring.

She does critic me a lotbut that's okay because I know that's what Virgos do. She knows how to make be abetter person and I bring out the Fire and Passion in her. She is very sexuallysatisfied and looks forward to being in an intimate situation with me all thetime.

We make a great team together. I boldly lead and she analyzes every stepI make.: I've just started dating an Aries guy a few weeks ago. And I'm aVirgo. Even though our signs don't match up very well, we have a great timewhen were together!

We always find something to do, and are never really bored. All you Virgo girls out there looking for a man, try to pursue an Aries.

Theywill complete you! I am a Virgo woman with an Aries man I totally relate to the girlwho said she met her Aries man online and how everyone looked up to him, andthat's how we met I came to where he lives and met him 4 mos after we metonline.. We have been together for just over a year now!!!

I Love him Very much, and hope things work out as well for us as for some ofyou that have been married for years!!! He is veryintelligent; devoted, protective. But too jealous, hard head, quick temper;criticize me too much; that is getting' in my nerves.. I don't like hispersonality at all. Arise man talks too much.. I'm tired of listening to him.

Intimacy, he is so quick.. Ididn't feel how is the dessert tasted like.. Aries is not a great lover whatever, I guess.. I like him becausehe is educated Aries man is very interesting; he is very intelligent, care,supportive, and very nice with a lots of knowledge; I just met an Aries man whois older than me two years; born on March 25 and good looking; he is a whiteguy; still a student.

We still chattin' on the line. He gave me asupports. I'm too disappointed and feel to talk to someone who is really care;fortunately, I met him. I don't think he is married or maybe I can't say I feel that I like him.

I'm alone and cold. In fact, he call my name; I likehim. I'm a Virgo woman; I believed for all the 12 zodiac signs areinteresting. These 12 signs are showing the different of individualpersonalities and traits. As a human, we have a difference, DNA; well we are notthe same anyway; and it is very hard to get a compatibility.. We need to respect our partner opinions. So, we got to be careful before making a selection for someone to love. Checkbackground or blood test That's an interesting point.

There is a school of thought which argues that's how astrology works. The universe provides the DNA, whether used for a human or a solar system. Astrology, within this viewpoint, is nothing more than a clock which can measure that DNA on a cosmic level, the results of which can be extrapolated on a human level.

Our how does astrology work? Looking for some advice here My Aries man and I met over 3 yearsago, we had so many similarities - both from Chicago, both in relationships wearen't really happy in, both stuck in the relationships because of the devotionto our children and "family unit" - not necessarily our significant others. We seeeach other at least times a week, text almost every day. He has said hewished that we could have met before his son was born, and that I am the typeof woman he wants and needs.

I have let him know that I have feelings for him never said the "L" word to him though. He has told me that he has never beenwith anyone like me sexually. What is it about him? I don't knowwhat to do to let him know that I need him to either step up or step back I feel like its all physical. But some say thatAries equate love to sex the men anyway I KNOW that I am no competition when it comes tohis son, but I want to know where I stand with him and he wont tell me when Iask, what are some things I can look for or ask him, that he might answer?

Whywont he open up a little more? Does he care or am I just a booty call to him? That's a complicated situation on so many levels, with many factors which are going to pressure both of you to act out of character. Aries are notoriously direct and fearless, however, this situation is far too complex and the stakes too high to want to rely on a broad and general personality trait. The first thing to be clear on here, is what outcome you're actually looking for.

Lets assume he said "I'll do anything for you" - are you prepared to end your own marriage, start custody battles etc? Is your existing marriage bad enough to be worth that? Or, is he just forbidden fruit? I'm not saying that's the case, but it's possible that it's the thrill of the affair for one or both of you which is the main attraction here.

Affairs are in many ways much easier than normal relationships. You get all the good part, without the bills, laundry, dirty dishes etc. Over the years I've helped a lot of people turn affairs into relationships, and to be blunt 9 out of 10 times they haven't lasted 6 months once they became a normal relationship.

Only you can answer that question. If you could wave a magic wand and replace your husband instantly with this man, would you want to do it? Or, does he just provide some excitement and passion?

Based on your description, I'd say he cares, but not enough to jeopardize his lifestyle or family. It sounds like you're in the same position otherwise you would have already ended your marriage in order to pursue him etc. Given that situation, I'd suggest your two options are to either a end the affair or b decide to just enjoy it for what it is. Rock the boat too vigorously in any other direction and things will get ugly.

Can astrology provide a better answer than this? Yes it can, but I will need to prepare charts first for you with your husband, and second with your lover. See the compatibility reports page if you want to pursue this. What I would say meanwhile though, is that often those comparisons reveal that the existing spouse is actually far more important to you than you realize.

The study in this respect is very useful, as it removes the heat of the moment factors and lets you see the pros and cons of each partner in a more objective light, often making the decision much easier.

Aries and Virgo have a complicated situation in arelationship; Aries and Virgo never been happy. An educated Aries never everleave or walk away from his family because he is value what he has - his pride. He is a man who is in charge and taking a responsibility in the house or atwork In that aspect, Virgo and Aries are as different as water and oil.

Virgo is into a detailand worry too much - leads to depression. She is fear of making a mistake. So,let me say something: Aries will look for the outside of the relationship ifhis partner doesn't treat him right; However, he never leave his Virgo sweatheart. In sort, Both of Aries and Virgo weakness is family value is the most important for both of them. It's up to you Virgo! You are theone who decided; or back off? Or speak in a logical, cool, and calm way to Ariesif you want him to open up; don't show him your attitude; you can win him in adiplomatic way.

I think this maybe helps you a little bit, Virgo. I'm not an Astrologer or any thing. Astrologer maybe has abetter answer. Virgo woman pursuing Aries man It starter in high school. I was a freshman he was a junior. He was always a Gentleman. I say was because that's how I remember him. We lostcontact, here we are 2 years later back in touch. I'm feeling him not sure whathe really feels.

He takes my calls and respond to my text. Agreed twice to meme for lunch one day. We haven't done it yet. Each time he said he would callme back if he became available before I had to go to work he didn't. Don't knowif he really intended to or if he was just being nice. Thing is I get reallynervous talking to him. I know I want him in my life, does he want to be inmine? It probably would be different if I wasn't married. Married and wantingout the biggest part of the time.

But what about the 3 boys and everybody'sfeelings? My husband and I been together since high school years after me andmy Aries friend lost contact. My husbands an Aquarius I know him very well. Nowp want to really know this Aries who told me I was taking from him and asked if I ever tried to find him. What am I the Virgowoman to do for the Aries man 20 years later? Does anybody out there know?

I am a Virgo woman dating an Aries man. He is so sweet but he drinksa little to often and he loves hanging out with the guys.

He has already ask meto go out but it has never happened, don't know if he forgot or what. He loves his motherand respects her so this is a good man only if you are not the type to have allof the attention. My response to a Virgo above. If you are not involve with an Ariesyet, please don't waste your time with Aries.

Virgo and Aries cannot betolerant. However, you can be just a friend with Aries. You are very lucky withan Aquarius husband. My sister has been with Aries 18 years ago; she gotnothing from Aries in 18 years later; she can't go out for a socializing;emotionally, she is suffered because of her husband jealous of her when shespeak with the opposite sex.

She tried to break from Aries husband but shecan't because she is stock with her children. Virgo is an honest, smart, andusually beautiful by nature but she is some how discrimination; though is notthe case. Virgo adores, loves her family, and value education. I tried to givemy advice but no I'm a Gemini brotherI feel bad for my sister, Virgo. My brother-in law, Aries is too greedy,stubborn, and selfish. Virgo above, you will have no future with Aries, believe it or not, you decide Ask Astrologer for 20 years later;they have the birth chart by the stars for who is the best for youCompatibility basic-main key for relationship.

Good luck to you Virgo!!! I'm a Virgo woman stuck between two Aries Both are great loving menwho love me so very much but definitely have no patience for me what-so-ever. Ineeded time to figure things out and either of them is willing to give it tome.

They both are exhausting me to death I feel like I can't pick my ex-lover forfear that my exbf will be extremely hurt and I can't pick my exbf for fear thatmy exlover would be wounded. LOL, I honestly fear too much for the last 8months when in reality it's not all that hard for an Aries to move on It's me that's hard at moving on.

I'm a Virgo woman and the love of my life is an Aries man. I met him when I was 13 and he was At first, I was like "agh, we're sodifferent. I've been in love him since the moment I saw him; from the moment he walkedright up to me and embraced me. I remember everything he was wearing that dayand when I recall the whole thing, my heart begins to race again.

Just like Idid that day. Everyday is a new adventure. It took us a while to really put a label and admitour feelings to each other. But, I'm 25 now and he's It's our differences that bring us together at the end of the day; thefact that we always have something new to talk about. He's the love of my life. The way he looks at me If you've got the open mind and patience. I have been in a relationship with an Aries man for nearlythe past year, I would have to say we can both be equally detached from eachother and I can be extremely emotionally cold hearted towards him, I'm not proudto say this about myself but its unfortunately true Whenever we get to thepoint were we are "comfortable" we both seem to get scared and retract fromeach other and its like we are at the beginning again both physically andemotionally, Its not that he's got problems being in a relationship as he was ina four year committed relationship before and had some brief encounters withwomen after that hopefully putting the brief down to rebounds as it was onlyone two week relationship and one for about a month and I know I'm not scaredof being committed, I would love nothing more than to be comfortable enough tobe with him whole-heartedly and I'm sure he would want the same or he wouldn'tof stayed in this relationship for so long as its going to be a year at the end of January Part of me thinks its just us together but Ican't help but think its more than that and reading some of the stuff I'vefound on the internet about "astrology compatibility" is making me think Iwouldn't exactly say I'm one for things like star signs and what not but maybeit could be!

We get on so well together and the is never a dull moment when weare together we truly are in love, Yes I must admit we have our moments butno more than anyone else, I feel as if we aren't meant to be when things getlike this maybe it is just us being scared but I wouldn't exactly so theromance is dead all I have to do is think of him and I get all love sick and Iknow he feels the same about me, Does anyone have any ideas to make thingswork? We have already tried Counseling, time apart, Time with just us together,Even sat down and spoke for hours and none of this has worked, But neither ofus are willing to say goodbye as we really do love each other and we want to betogether but we both wont more than what we have and are Willing to tryanything at all, We just can't help but pull away from each other when thingsget good its almost as if its become a terrible habit any ideas how to breakthis cycle we seem to be repeating?

I would really appreciate any advice at all, thank you so much to everyone who replies, by the way my name is Ella. I've been reading these articles and found that every individual signhas a different kind of problem in the sexual relationship. I believed if wecan see thing that happen before it happened, so all of us may not having aproblem some how in the relationship. My zodiac sign is Virgo; I understandVirgo and Aries relationship very well.

Aries may fall in love with Virgo atthe first sight. After all there is going to be rough as a bumpy road. Aries isvery impulsive , aggressive type and no patience not as Virgo. These two arenot the best match; it is hard. I'm a Virgo and my fiance is Aries-educatedperson. His nature drives me crazy as hell; he always look for a fault andunreasonable jealous; this hurts me so bad; I swear to god that don't want tohave sex with him. I'm very sick and tired to provide him a healthy nutritionand forgive him.

I'm young than him 14 years; when he is making love, it isvery suck; sex once a year and less than five minutes, hes, hes I don't know for sure if he has an outside sexualrelationship somewhere or places that I didn't know. I love him but it might bewrong. If he willing to change his negative habits, how much would I love him?

I gave him a lot of example but it doesn't work and I don't want to tryanymore. All I have to do is to leave him He's, very serious. Whatever he does, it is very hard for me to look for someone else or cheat onhim. Though, I'm not an object; I'm perfectly feminine; affection.

I need loveand attention from someone who love and care; especially, my fiance but he isthe opposite. Or does he think that I'm a spear one or reserve for him. Ifthat, it is mean!!! I'm not desperate. I feel this is not right. He is not too old-in his 40s. I need your opinion or advice, please. What is wrong with my Aries??

My Aries man is: Absolutely Amazing! Blood pumping! Been married 23 years to a Leo. We met when Mr. Ariesspoke a handful of words that I happened to overhear He was physically locatedbehind me. I turned around, out of curiosity, our eyes met and all of asudden nothing else existed. I dropped the puzzles that I was working on andjumped into the bar stool next to him, that he pulled out for me, like theclassic gentleman that he is.

I was the aggressor. He just decided not to letme go. That was over a year ago and WOW I am still intensely attracted to him. I find his jealousy absolutely charming in that it is unnecessary.

I'd walkout on my Leo without thinking twice and give my Aries all my love andadoration for the rest of both our lives. He really makes me want to "livelife".

Even if it doesn't work out in the long run I love him madly, and always will. Its been a month and I don't know if its because Ive been single soolong or what but this man is very complicated, he tells me he has differentpersonalities and I believe it, one day he is talkative the next he's quiet andwithdrawn, I like attention but not to much but to me if we are not beingintimate then we really don't have anything in common, I better just walknow, Hungry for LOVE!!

I'm a the Virgo.. Hemakes me feel save. I'm pretty sure this is the man I'm going to marry: Good luck everybody!: I am a Virgo woman and I have just recently started seeing a Ariesman. So far so good! He is always up for a good time, The way he looks at mewith his smile and gives me a wink makes me feel like im the only person in theroom! He's very polite and has great respect and loyalty for his family and Iam very much the same and he loves his mum! Always a good sign! He opens everydoor for me, pulls out the chair and carries my bags.

Great listener, has beenhonest with me from day dot, he's protective but not over powering which I like. We both have common interests but also like to do our own thing. We always havesomething new to talk about.

He is opening up a brand new world for me, Inormally put up a brick wall and keep my feelings and thoughts to myself once Ihave worked out the situation but his honesty and caring ways makes me feelsafe and free to say what ever I am thinking. The sex is great, we both takethe time and effort for each other to enjoy it very much.. Im interested in knowing if anyone has been in thesame situation and if it has ended good or bad Does this sound to good to betrue??

I'm a Virgo girl in love with an Aries guy 4 yrs older thanme. I'm a Virgo woman, and my husband is an Aries. We weren't together along time before getting married, but I guess you can say we both clicked inthe first few moments of meeting. This is why she seems like such a perfectionist. Her comfort zone is narrow, and she easily becomes rattled and disoriented. Her Pisces Earth gives her the ability to navigate confusion and strangeness, but it is a big challenge!

Virgo and Aries Together Unless a Virgo woman has a strong component of fire or a cardinal sign in her makeup, an Aries man is not likely to be attractive to her. She may find him admirable and even compelling from a distance, but up close in person, his energy and dynamism will fray her nerves. She craves peace and order while he brings turbulence in his wake. Aries is ruled by Mars , the God of War, and to Aries a good fight is foreplay.

Aries loves to jab, challenge and tease, and Virgo can't make head nor tail of his signals. Does he like her? Does he not? She requires clarity and sensitivity. These two might do better as friends, but even then they need a lot of space from one another. An Aries man may find a Virgo woman attractive, but her sensitivity strikes him as persnickety and he has no patience for subtlety or discernment. This combination is fodder for many romance novels in which a strong, passionate, demanding man overwhelms a sensitive woman who at first hates him, then falls mysteriously under his spell and into love.

In the real world, this scenario is unlikely at best, and at worst, can lead to an unbalanced or even abusive relationship in which her needs are ignored in favour of his dominating insistence on having his way. A Relationship of Equals Virgo's path is one of service.

One serious misstep is rushing her into sex. Where he is brash and extroverted, she is methodical and shy. She may decide the Arian is too hyper, while he will see her as too hard to please. To make this Aries Virgo relationship work, the couple will have to embrace the differences and see how they work together.

Try The Quiz Now!! The Virgo woman knows the devil is in the details, and is intent on working them all out. She will make a plan and pick it apart, just to make sure she does not miss a single trick.

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