Dating A Narcissist Quotes From Mark ;

Dating A Narcissist Quotes From Mark

dating a narcissist quotes from mark

I have decided to write this article because I feel the timing is right. Many of you have asked me to write about soul contacts with narcissists, and I have held off until now. Also, I felt that it is a fitting tribute to dating a narcissist quotes from mark recently departed Wayne Dyer, in accordance with my favourite quote of his of all time. Everything is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose. I posted this on age difference allowed dating site Facebook Page, and many of the Thrivers responded affirmatively, and also one lady stated honestly that until accessing my teachings she had struggled with this concept.

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Not a damning, blaming reason … rather an evolutionary, liberating reason. A reason that would finally set them free … and when they looked back on their former life regardless of containing a narcissist or not they knew how wondrous a gift the journey of abuse was. The gift being so much more than breaking free from a narcissist, and the total understanding that the gift always was about surviving and then evolving ourselves and the previous life trajectory we were unconsciously on.

I have recommended these books to the Community before. This process was something that he originally stumbled upon by accident within his clinical hypnotherapy practice. As a former Past Life Regressionist I was fascinated with his books and work. Because I had previously performed dozens of regressions myself over a period of two decades, and found incredible truths reported from people that checked out completely with history names, places, dates and events that they had no conscious knowledge of — as well as experiencing this countless times myself within my own regression sessions — I had no doubt that Life Between Life Regression was real and possible.

And as I read the information in his books something stirred deeply within me. The truth is this: I want to expand and develop. Quantum Science and epigenetics now reveals that the far greater part of our life is going on multi-dimensionally beyond our level of conscious five sensory understanding. The old paradigms regarding our understanding of ourselves and Life are now becoming obsolete. Some people who opposed that belief were put to death and labelled heretics!

My orientation to life goes even further than this. My belief is the entire reason for our existence is to expand our consciousness more and more toward the Infinite Consciousness of Who We Really Are. Quantum Physics now purports that we are all a personal macro cosmos — that we all have The Universe literally inside us. I believe this — totally. Incidentally, expanding my consciousness was the only way out of victimhood that I have ever experienced.

The old paradigms certainly did not grant me relief or answers, and they certainly did not provide my healing. That is fine because I have no need to change your mind or convince you about anything new. I am only presenting information about my journey and sharing truthfully from my heart.

Additionally, my Inner Identity unconditionally allows anyone to have their own beliefs — because my Identity is not dependent on whether or not anyone agrees with my life view.

Look into it … and if you are not prepared to do that, please then live and let live. From a Higher Perspective let go and let God. It is not your job, or your right to persecute. The ultimate lesson I believe for the human race is our evolution towards Love … meaning waking up and realising that whenever we judge anyone including ourselves we are withholding love from ourselves and others — and in effect the entire Field of Life gets polluted as a result.

Additionally, it is a ridiculous notion to think we will all agree, or even should agree. It is also an insane notion to believe that our way is the only way, and if people do not take on our way then we need to ostracise, ridicule, demonise, punish them or try to force them to do it our way.

Or heaven forbid kill them! Look at the state of the world and we can see the mess that has landed our entire planet into. We were taught about a wrathful, demanding deity as our Higher Power. My views that you may or may not agree with are this: Therefore any requirement or lack of anything is literally impossible. Thus, I believe, if we put judgement, division and separation in front of love and unity, this is not where we need to be heading.

I am asking no more than I expect from myself. Not being aligned with this model, and being stuck in judgment was one of the most horrendous hooks of narcissistic abuse, which as Thrivers we learnt to evolve beyond.

Ever since reading the books Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls I had a strong urge to book a session.

Then coincidentally not! She put me onto Peter. I was too busy with commitments at the times. I then forgot all about it. Then in June , I had a strong urge one day out of nowhere to book a session. The same day, out of the blue, my client from New Zealand emailed me the first time in months asking if I had had my session and how did it go.

I knew this was a total message not to be ignored. I had no idea what I was going to experience. I had my list with me of the pertinent questions I wanted to find out about whilst in a hypnotised state experiencing the truth through my super-conscious.

I was eagerly anticipating the experience; I knew it would be easy for me to get there, because I had already been so attuned to regression and theta brainwave states for years. After discussing my list and Peter taking notes, we got down to it. After a brief hypnosis deepening process, Peter took me into a Past Life regression.

I loved this, because it was not a Lifetime that I had ever been regressed to before. It was a Roman life. Time progressed forward. I was made to marry a man identical in cruelty to my Father. After years of abuse I took my own life — I did this by taking a poisonous snake out of a basket and letting it bite me. Then came the awesome part … I became aware of myself floating upwards towards a light, I was in a tunnel. Peter was talking to me asking me questions, and I was answering. I told him about the indigo coloured lights coming to meet me.

I knew these were members of my Soul Group, and that these Souls were deeply familiar. They were here to escort me back home. All I have to do is relax and enjoy the trip. I then arrived to a capsule where a Healer Soul put me in and shut the lid. In here I was being detoxed from the abuse consciousness and the effects of the venom, leaving behind the last human remnants of that lifetime. I knew the room and the entire drill. From him I felt so much love, joy and connection.

I knew Xui, because I have met him in my dreams, meditations and life events in times of need in this lifetime ever since a small child. I had the absolute knowing in this LBL that Xui and I have been advisors for each other, swapping roles, in many lifetimes. My Soul name is Alena, and I felt profound love, and such acceptance here in this meeting room.

There was no judgement, only love and absolute transparency. No avoidance, hiding or delusions, only pure honesty. I had merged with a lady with victim consciousness in the life in Rome. I had chosen her for my evolution purposefully. Meaning — releasing our judgments of ourselves and others and waking up out of unconsciousness, and releasing and resolving the inner wounding that either creates us as perpetrators or as victims.

However, in the Rome lifetime, rather than overcome and transcend her victim consciousness, I had given up. Xui and I and the other advisers discussed this. I admitted to them that I was still punishing myself for the lifetimes where I had taken wrong turns, where I had sold out my mission because of my neediness to be with a man co-dependency , and let myself as well as spiritual templates to evolve humanity, and others, all be destroyed as a result of my poor choices.

I already knew about much of this from previous Quanta Freedom Healing sessions and Past Life Regressions … this just confirmed it. In this Roman Lifetime, I believed I deserved to pay, and I deserved to suffer, and then when I had had enough of that agony I decided to abort the entire mission. There was no judgement at all from my advisors. No shaming, lecturing or telling off. Because you are so special, you feel that they will never leave you and they really care.

Women tend to get seduced more often than men by this type. The following is an overview of a narcissist: All about me: Deep down: People with narcissistic personalities, in spite of their thoughts and behaviors, unconscious. They do not have ideas of great success, power, brilliance or beauty, but they can have all the resly feel inferior and inadequate.

Remember its all about them, not you. So as they get to know you and the fantasy goes away, they get angry. You are no longer feeding their inflated sense of self importance. So now they remember every imagined slight. They are always telling you how you are not good enough at taking care of them.

They will always want to have talks, and have open communication.

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