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Dating Sims 2 Gba Cheat

dating sims 2 gba cheat

Enter "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" to activate testing cheats mode. This is a very powerful cheat that enables many new things. You now have the following new things in Create A Sim: In the game itself, after Local std dating this dahing, hold [Shift] and left click on a Sim to have lots of dating sims 2 gba cheat, such as changing daging, make your Sim fat or thin, set their aspiration level, etc. This code also can spawn some interesting items, such as the tombstone of L ife and D eathand family members. Enable the "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" code, then go onto a different family. A strange code will appear at the top right hand corner.

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Description love hina advance english patched is a dating sim game published by marvelous. Love hina advance v0. Dating sim 2 love triangle rom download gba romance. But the end of the journey was at hand and the cowpuncher in charge of the drive relaxed in the saddle after the easy fashion of the vaquero when he is.

The army of the Chaldees pursued after the king, and overtook him in the plains of Jericho and all his army were scattered from him. Rosy first played this game with a friend when she was thirteen, and when she was just starting to blossom into her filthy, kinky self. She recalls that the two of them found the dialogue hilarious, and how they were dating the entire town.

Fifteen years later, Rosy suddenly thought of this game, and checked the beginning to see if it was as good as she remembered. Replaying this as an adult, Rosy can say that it wasn't just because she was thirteen that she liked this game at the time. It's actually genuinely good, and now she can marvel at just how such filthy, kinky dialogue got past the censors, somehow.

Rosy told Denise that we should play it, because the writing is amazing. But even with Rosy's introduction, Denise was unprepared for just how amazing the writing of this game is.

One of the first tasks of the game is delivering a giant chicken sculpture to the local cop, Detective Dan D. After you deliver the chicken, you can then continue talking with him, and the top dialogue option in our case was What the fuck? He flashes us an open-mouth grin and says, "Oooh Yes, yes we are! We then meet a character named Daschell Swank, and one of our immediate dialogue options was, "I've never kissed a Daschell before.

Have you ever kissed a Lucy before? Can you imagine walking up to someone and just saying that? That's amazing. Basically, this game is the dating sim of our dreams that we didn't know that we wanted. Emphasis on Sim. We mean, look at any of these guys' face portraits. Even Duane Doldrum, who won Mr. SimValley lol and is apparently the most attractive guy in town But, because they all have well-written dialogue, well-established character, and lots of things to say more dialogue is added as you progress through the game, helping it stay fresh The plot But first, let's talk about the premise of this game.

You arrive at SimValley to spend the summer with your Uncle Hayseed, who has you clean the junk out of his backyard, repair it, and use it as your furniture in the barn This makes Uncle Hayseed sound terrible, but he's actually nice and we like him. He just doesn't want to have to share the shower, and Psyducks on Motorcycles! After some tasks, you end up becoming friends with Dusty Hogg. He gets his biker friends to stop blocking the road with their motorcycles, and he gives you his training scooter to putter around the newly opened part of town.

And he sets you up with a job as a bartender at the local dive bar. Uncle Hayseed is aware that your lodging in the barn isn't really acceptable, so he later helps you move into the Clocktower. He tells you to hire Giuseppi as your mover, because he owns the only crate in town, apparently.

And probably because he's got a van that is just the right size to carry furniture -- both yours and someone else's Later on, we end up doing a favor for the owner of the local souvenir store, Nicki Knack, by renting her vacant beachfront condo. And later later on, we move even further up into a big mansion. So, this game is about moving up in society and has some subtle commentary on how much you have to compromise your integrity to do so!

We liked him as a character, and he is relatively easy to get along with. He likes jokes, and recounting of daring-do, and confidence, and sticking it to the man! We became friends very quickly, and we helped him with a few things, and he helped us in return. We also became friends with Giuseppi, which is not plot-mandated, but you are required to interact with him whenever you are moving, so you will definitely meet him. As you can tell, we liked him, and so we talked with him enough to become friends with him too.

There's even great benefits to being on his good side. He's a thief It's also good to know where to find him, because at night he sells goods at prices that When you talk with him, he likes rumors and talking about his van. And when you compliment him, his response is very He says things like, "Hey man, that means a lot to me. I mean it. So, the first two relationships we forged upon arriving to SimValley for the summer were with a rough-and-tumble biker and a dirty thief.

Mother would be proud. Whoring around So, it wasn't long before we were sharing root beer floats and bear hugs with Dusty Hogg, playing doctor with Doctor Maximillian Moore, providing, shall we say, artistic inspiration to Daschell Swank, and flirting with danger enough to make out with Giuseppi Mezzoalto in the back of his sketchy van. The best thing is, there is no jealousy.

Okay, so, we also play a lot of The Sims 3. Among the other things, we have created the entire cast of Rosy's comic, The Gifts of Darkness, to watch interact and have them do things. Unfortunately, the jealousy mechanic of The Sims 3 really breaks their canon interactions, and it hinders our enjoyment of this experience.

Without spoiling too much of The Gifts of Darkness, here are the problems we face. Adrien We gave Adrien's Sim the Flirty character trait, which means he's perfectly okay with, and in fact prone to, cracking risque jokes. Yes, good, that's in-character. Also, during the course of the game, he earned the Eye Candy perk because, well, look at him, he's gorgeous. However, now he can't as much as turn around without someone getting a crush on him. It's gotten to the point where characters across town might suddenly fall in love with him.

We think this might be a bug, but sometimes, in the middle of the night, Random McNPC will suddenly notify us that he wants to get to know Adrien better Creepiness aside, the jealousy problem is, if Adrien flirts with any character, or if any character hits on him, everyone else gets pissed off. That's not canonically how it would go, and now Adrien is like a walking time bomb for jealous rage in all directions.

Any time he interacts with any random Sim, we have to watch Adrien like a hawk to stop him mid-flirtatious joke - like the voice of his conscience booming in his ear. And that's when we're playing as his household. Whenever we swap household to play with someone else, he's on his own The first hours of our game were spent getting every character the No Jealousy and the Above Reproach perks to attempt to get this in check. Theoretically, No Jealousy should make it so that no one will get jealous if the Sim has a romantic interaction with someone else.

However, it's kinda broken, because the notoriety system still gives them a "cheater" reputation, which then makes everyone pissed off. So, you also need the Above Reproach perk, which makes it so that other Sims don't react if your character behaves "inappropriately" in public being "inappropriate" apparently includes just plain old flirting in public.

In a few cases, we also needed to use the Clean Slate perk to reset our Sim's reputation. These perks helped matters, but they only partially work, and they don't really fix the entire problem. Val canonically once had some kind of relationship with another character.

We played a bit of the Sims game as if it was the past, and we had Val and this other character interact - and yeah, they kissed. Now, there's forever this option to Break Up with this character from the past, and to Admit to Cheating to characters in the future. It's been months and years of game time, hours and hours of gameplay, and that kiss doesn't become any less relevant or damning.

What, it's not like in real life, if you kissed someone as a teenager, that you must go find them ten years later and formally break up with them in order to not be considered a cheater on your current relationship.

They weren't dating or going steady or anything! They just had some romantic interactions, and now they're so legally bound?? This kind of morality goes beyond being prudish, this has nothing to do with fidelity, this is just absurd. Before you say just to have the characters break up, know that breaking up is classed as a "Mean" interaction, and the character will be pissed off for days -- for being told, "hey, that kiss we shared ten years ago is not going anywhere further and I am married to someone else now".

It's more realistic for us to just ignore those options in the menu and carry on as if they weren't there. Cyrus and Martin Then, Cyrus and Martin are canonically polyamorous.

You can just imagine the hell this plays with such a beyond-prudish notoriety system. So this all to say, we've had our runs with jealousy in The Sims and how much it can fuck up a game. Bustin' Out which, by the way, came out way before doesn't have any of these problems! Very refreshing.

We've totally adopted this as one of our new favorite phrases. Besides, it makes perfect sense that there is no jealousy in Bustin' Out. We mean really, is Daschell Swank really going to complain if he's not the first person you've ever kissed?

He's obviously not a virginal virgin. In fact, when you say something subtly dirty to him, like, "How about you study my form? And what, after your impromptu kiss with him, what is he going to do if you later kiss Dusty Hogg? Is he, skinny little art professor, going to confront Dusty Hogg, a giant biker built like a giant biker? Or is he going to give any lip to Giuseppi Mezzoalto, who might guillotine him in his sleep and make off with his art collection?

The only negative we can say is the enforced heteronormativity. As the female player character, you can request a kiss from every man, even your uncle eek! The male player character has the opposite predicament. We can't be too mad at this game for this, because this was before The Sims 2, which famously is like the first game ever for the gays.

It was groundbreaking and earth-shattering at the time for it to just have formally recognized unions for homosexual characters in the game, and for it to have these relationships just happen, and for this just to be there, and possible, and accepted, and all is good.

This sort of feature was unheard of before The Sims 2. You might have a game with a gay-coded character as a joke, or something, but by the time of The Sims 3, the Sims had complete, wonderful, peaceful marriage equality, present in a video game before there even was marriage equality in the country where the game was developed.

We have The Sims games to thank for us even thinking that it is a shame that we can't be bisexual in The Sims: Bustin' Out, because before The Sims 2, it would be beyond our imagination to even expect to see something like that in a AAA game. So, overall, thank you, Maxis, and we understand if you were still fighting that battle with EA while The Sims: Bustin' Out was being made.

We can just be happy at the arm-twisting you must have done to get so much kink included in this game. We played as the female character, and we were extra glad that we did, because the male characters that you can date are highly interesting, and you can have intense kinky flirting with them. There's the cop, and the doctor, and the thief, and the biker, and the art teacher, and the paperboy But we wondered if it would be as interesting if you could only date the female characters, who are notably fewer in number and not quite as varied.

Most interesting is probably Vera Vex, the rockstar. But apart from her, there's the poet, and the librarian, and the politician, and the party girl They're generally more vanilla and normal than dating the cop, the doctor, the thief, and the biker.

So we started playing as the male character, and we'll see. Yet it definitely is a different experience. For comparison, as the female character, within the first few minutes of play, we encountered references to handcuffs, leather, and bear hugs. Starting up a new game as the male character Besides, there's fewer female characters, and you get to meet even fewer of them at the very beginning, so the flirting aspect of the game is a bit less advertised when playing as a male character. But, anyway, except for the limitation of compulsory heterosexuality, we are otherwise free to be the town whore for the summer.

The minigames Seriously though, you're not really a whore, because you don't make money at that. The primary way to make money in this game is to work eight jobs. Seriously, that's literally how you do it. Throughout the course of the game, you unlock these minigames that you can play if you go to the right place at the right time. Watch out for the petunias! The first one you gain access to is the lawnmower game, in which you're driving your uncle's tractor and mowing the grass while attempting to avoid the flowers.

You earn money per clump of weeds mowed, and lose money per lovely flowerbush shredded away. Simple, but okay. It was fun, and it introduced how to steer a vehicle, which later will become essential once you get the scooter, which pilots exactly the same.

From a game design perspective, it's brilliant. It lets you get over the initial frustration of learning a new control scheme in a silly game scenario in which you're even making money, and then, later, when you get the scooter, you don't have to learn, because you already have learned.

Which means you are less likely to not get it, and ignore the scooter and run everywhere which, as Dusty Hogg points out, is simply unfeasible. Later, you unlock more different kind of games, which you can access at different times of the day and night, so, no matter what time it is, there's always something to do.

Some of these minigames are actually pretty in-depth, and even require some strategery. Chorus of belches Soon, Dusty Hogg sets you up with the bartending gig, and you must serve the whole gang of rowdy bikers their root beer, soft drinks, and sundaes teehee.

But you can't just hand them the drink, no way! You have to do the cool bartender thing of sliding the drink down the length of the wet bar, so that it comes to rest on their coaster. The bikers signal their order with the symbol on their coaster, and you aim and decide how powerfully to slide, and let the drink go bouncing down the bar and hopefully have it land close enough to the right coaster to get a tip and without crashing into the wall at the end.

If you have the wrong order stop in front of the wrong biker, sometimes they'll be a good sport and enjoy the wrong-soft-drink anyway. Other times, they'll smash the wrong-soft-drink and once again demand their proper sundae, with the little umbrella and the nuts on top, grr!

The mental image this creates is hilarious. Initially, you will be making way less money at this game than at the lawn mowing, but we enjoyed it more because it required a bit more thinking and planning than just crashing through all the plants with the mower and whoops, there go the petunias.

It's also a good thing that these minigames are unlocked progressively through the course of the game. This means that throughout the plot, there will keep being a new game to try, and not that you keep playing the same 8 mini-games over and over from the beginning of the game. You also can level up at the games, which can add some new twists to the game play and lets you earn more money.

En garde! This is most notable in the fishing mini-game. This is another strategery-based one, in which you are given three different types of lures, which can catch fish at three different depths. You aim just like in the bartending game, and determine the strength of your cast just like the strength of slinging a rootbeer down the bar. The main mechanic of this game is to determine which is the best fish to aim for, since you can see their silhouettes and guess which one is the biggest -- and the bigger catches earn you more money.

This is not as easy as it sounds, since the deeper fish might be larger than they appear, and the shallower fish might be smaller than they appear -- tricks of the perspective. Also, if you are aiming for a big fish that is right next to a small fish, the small fish can move faster and might get the lure before the big fish, and so you are stuck catching just the small fry. And if you are aiming a large but far away fish, you need to account that it will be harder to reel in successfully.

This is how the game basically works. But then it levels. In the beginning, there are only small fry. Later you will unlock a bigger fish a bass? Later on, you will unlock swordfish, which are huge and they stab up toward you as you attempt to reel them in, yikes!

But then Great White Sharks. They are not only sharks, but get a unique soundtrack, which is as close as you can legally get without being sued by Jaws.

Yes, excellent! So not only is there the entire game with the in-depth set-up, but you are also rewarded with more and cooler fish to catch and even new music. Dun dun dun dun dun What in the name of pepperoni is going on here. The variety of minigames is pretty good. There's even a Game-Boy-Advance-appropriate version of Guitar Hero, a puzzle game of popping matched-colored microbes, a diving game, and a very challenging pizza-building Breakout of whatever the hell is going on in that pizzeria.

As a certified Italian, Rosy can testify that making pizza from scratch, as she does, is easier than playing this minigame. We're not even sure what other toppings can be unlocked, since we only got to the mushrooms! It's hard! It's nice that this minigame also provides insight into all the characters, because absolutely no one in SimValley will tolerate anchovies on a pizza, not even Olde Salty or the fisherman O. Phil McClean -- we guess they like fish, but absolutely not on pizza.

Good to know!

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