Dating Singapore Airlines Stewardess Training ;

Dating Singapore Airlines Stewardess Training

dating singapore airlines stewardess training

Copyright - all rights reserved Disclaimer: This is not a guide to picking up babes. I know nothing more about picking up babes than the average charming, talented, successful young gentleman. Six snigapore three inches tall, dating singapore airlines stewardess training a whimsical smile, regular features, and a flat abdomen, there is nothing in me to attract the fairer sex. Other than three or four dates on weekends, and perhaps four or five during the week, I have lived the life of an anchorite.

Inside Singapore Airlines' Flight Attendant Training Center

I've pretty much settled on staying out of her way, driving her to the airport and carrying stuff for her if she's short on time we've calculated that it saves her minutes because of not having to park and probably another minutes on a 20 min drive because I drive faster. I liked doing it because sometimes it was the only way I'd get to see her, and because it saved at least a full hour on the return end or at least I'd meet her an hour earlier I always used to meet her at the gate, which I rarely do anymore because the airport has gotten rid of a lot of parking meters.

So, the fight had to do with my feeling that she didn't appreciate me going out of my way to drive her, she'd often be crazy with PFS, when she is really exhausted from the previous trip and not ready for the next trip, it gets worst at bedtime the night before.

I managed to deal with that, but if she had a bad trip, PostFS set in, which "has a lot to do with exhaustion and just wanting to be alone, tired of playing the part, serving people and catering to others' needs and wants". A bad case of PostFS can get your head bitten off, hand her a rose and get ignored, so picking her up was causing stress rather than alleviating it and I was starting to hate the airport too.

Stewardess vs Flight Attendant: Although the term Flight Attendant was a big issue in the early days of political correctness, many FAs don't mind much if you call them a Stewardess except the guys The brits call them Trolly Dolly, which is by far the most creative nickname. The thing they do mind is that they are often intelligent, charming, educated young ladies who would otherwise be making much more money, and are now glorified flying cocktail waitresses.

The kind of constant put-downs they get from rude passengers are bound to hurt anyone with any sensitivity at all, so expect your flight attendant to have occaisional problems with that. In addition, the fact that they are essentially blue collar, union employees, and some of the unions are not even on their side, since FAs are only a small part of what a big union does The Agony of the Feet: I've always rubbed her feet a lot, I think she's making me into a foot fetishist.

Ask any FA, and she will say that after a trip her heels are and her feet are aching. They walk and run around a moving vehicle constantly, and are forced to wear high heels in the concourse, shorter heels in the plane not as high as in the past, but still bad and pressurization makes feet swell and shoes doubly painful.

What can you expect? Be thoughtful. Home Life: Forget about it. Friends, family, and boyfriends will just suffer. It is almost impossible to merely get on with the business of living - doing the laundry, paying bills. Everything is based on seniority. Half of every class of FAs quits within the first year, that has been true since the s. The senior babes get the better flights, get a schedule Schedule holders can have some home life, the younger, Reserve flight attendants have none.

If a FA has 7 years seniority, she might even be able to hold the same trips every month, but that can all change at the whim of the airline. My life revolved around her bidding for each month Scheduling are the gods that arrange her life, and the devils that rearrange her life. It is worse for a Reserve FA, but you can never tell what they will assign her, until the month's bids are all in, and the trips are handed out on the basis of seniority.

Then she has the opportunity to trade or drop trips, but she might wind up with worse trips than she got in the first place, and holiday weekends are always restricted, which means she will never spend the holidays with you.

Trips and Layovers: She has to struggle with her luggage all over the world, so she'll appreciate it if you pick it up for her. On a layover, a crew bus will pick them up to take them to the hotel, they will all get checked in, then meet down in the lobby to find a bar. Drinking, eating, and shopping are the only way they have to pass the time. A "slam-clicker" is someone who just goes to her room and shuts the door, rather than going out drinking with everyone else.

The longer the pattern, an individual trip can be 1 to 7 days long the more she gets to know that particular crew Some FAs actually like 1-day patterns, sometimes.

What do they call 'em, returns? No layover means no per diem, but then she gets to sleep in her own bed. The fact that there are no regular coworkers means that friendships have very little chance to develop. She will occaisionally work with someone she has worked with before, and may even exchange phone numbers, but it is no longer as easy as it was in the old days to always work with a friend, because the computer just assigns people where it needs them, and if you buddy bid you get the seniority of the least senior one, or worse, and then even if two FAs did try to get together off work, one of them would probably be gone.

The subculture seems to encourage friendly behaviour while on layover, but it can be very shallow, temporary, and interchangable. We take trips fairly often, and I pay for everything but airfare, but I'm not sure that helps Makes you wonder why she keeps the job, because it certainly isn't for the money.

Just between you and me, she's not the greatest traveller. Other than work, she actually hasn't really travelled as much as me, and I think I pack lighter. She loses her patience and gets pissed off at the slightest mishap kind of funny when we were in Paris and she was all angry at the airline and I have to calm her down She almost always snaps at me when we're passriding What money?

And our obvious next question: We don't want them to look like a mother-in-law, hiding under an unsuitable hairstyle. They see wether you have any scar and stuff that shown after you put the kebaya on.

Inside Singapore Airlines flight school. Dealing with emergency situations, from evacuations to chipped nail polish, is part and parcel of flight school. In the booming world of air travel the Asian and Middle Eastern carriers are the most active recruiters, promising a fast track to wide-body commands for successful candidates, with low to zero taxes and housing and living allowances to further sweeten the deal.

Actually I understand why, the bigger sized girls looked really curvarous in the kebaya, but I looked really skinny and straight. Imagine an Olympic swimming pool with a replica of a floating plane where the diving boards would usually be. But the politics is really really bad, so. Minimum recruitment criteria for a Qantas pilot include a bachelor degree in aviation, science, maths or engineering, a pilot licence with at least hours in command of a powered fixed-wing aircraft or hours in command of a twin-engine aircraft.

She's also not very patient for a girl who has been in the service industry all her life. I have not eaten fruits since I was young, I have a bit of matchmaking companies a phobia, he sheepishly admitted. Hence, all stewardesses will always keep a hand mirror, red lipstick, red nail polish and a small bottle of hairspray in their handbag for speedy touch-ups.

According to Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman, the minimum award rate for pilots on larger commercial aircraft varies from 77, for a first officer on a Fokker 28 to , for a captain on a wide-bodied twin-deck aircraft, the largest aircraft in the skies. What if we told you that some of the most biza. They would be nice to you in front of higher-ranking staff, but when youre alone they would keep scolding you. What I can also tell you is that cabin staff are learning how to open the emergency doors on the next aircraft they will be working on.

The smiling 'Singapore Girl' has one of the most exacting and vigorous training regimes in the industry. But the give me a chance to try. By continuing to explore our site, you accept our use of cookies. So i think SIA only want a good propotion of body. Romeo Tan is afraid of fruits and Joanne Peh?

You might even find yourself wondering just what the cockpit job is worth? One set of "office wear" "no jeans or mini-skirts" in case the flight is diverted to an unscheduled airport or country.

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