Dating When You Look Younger Than Your Age ;

Dating When You Look Younger Than Your Age

dating when you look younger than your age

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But people thing I am younger. Typical age range I get, depending on the context is around I am I can't think of a time someone thought I was over 30, without significant amounts of conversation that would have offered clues about my real age.

And as a result, or possibly unrelated, I mostly get hit on by people who are Very rarely is it someone my age. And generally, they are surprised we are the same age. I am open to dating younger, provided the guy is mature enough, but many men under 30 are still a bit immature for my tastes. I find it pretty difficult so I decided to take a completely new tactic to meeting people.

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Add flair! We have flair for men, women, trans folks, and gender neutral people. Be specific: Women lie in an attempt to date men their own age. Men lie in an attempt to date women who are much younger. Ask Emile. Ageism is clearly an issue in our society.

Older people, particularly older women, are routinely undervalued. But lying about our age or, absurdly, legally changing our age isn't the answer, anymore than legally changing the measurement of a house will make it bigger. The answer is for us to value older people, and, importantly, to value ourselves as we age. There are some pretty damn awesome older women out there. If Emile and the other Benjamin Buttons just recognised them, they might have all found partners by now.

Sydney Morning Herald.

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