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Did Murphy And Arizona Hook Up

did murphy and arizona hook up

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Murphy, sending a ‘strong and clear message,’ signs 6 gun control bills into law

Are you worried about the fan backlash from this story line making Arizona more unlikeable? As an actor, you wouldn't be able to play a character if you were worried about the reaction to what you're doing.

At the end of the day, our characters begin and end with the writers. There have been many curveballs I've been thrown as I've been playing Arizona. I have to just trust them. It's the advice I give to people who tweet me and say, "This is too much! I can't handle it! You can't break up my favorite couple! I want everything to stay the same! Whether you like what she's doing or don't, that's not what they're thinking about.

I think they're thinking about, "Are we entertaining? Are we telling a good story? How do we succeed on that level? Wherever Arizona lands on the likability scale during the course of any of this fallout is going to just have to be where this character lands. Sometimes she's likable and sometimes she's not, but ultimately if I've done a good job of portraying what's happening to her than I will have done my job and certainly feel good at the end of the day.

Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Hector Elizondo returns as Callie's father You mentioned before that Arizona might still fall further down the rabbit hole, so when might be see her hit rock bottom? I had originally thought that Arizona was going to get to a very low low and that might still be coming, but that hasn't been any time now. If anything, it seems like she's trying to figure out how to get back to her happy place.

Which Callie is also trying to do in asking for her apartment back. Do you think the key to their future is both finding happiness alone to see if they can find happiness together again? The key to that is finding out where their happiness is alone. The end of anything is not fun because there's a nostalgia to it and everything else. Even the end of a bad relationship can feel so, so, so sad. But when you start examining what the relationship was, they are coming to a place where they're trying to understand what kind of qualities their relationship had.

If you look at last year, it was not what they used to be. Neither one of them as people were who they used to be. Very gently and intelligently, the writers have taken that quality that these two characters have been through a car crash, losses and gains and everything else, that they have become different people.

If you have become two different people, do you still fit together? At a certain level, they didn't even know who they were anymore. Right now, they have to figure out who they are and what they want, and start taking responsibility.

I thought it was so cool when Callie comes in and says, "I want my apartment back. That's someone saying, "This is what I need. I'm not going to stand here and be a victim. Baby steps toward actually being who they really are together would be fantastic. Will Arizona contemplate therapy again since she knows that's what Callie wants her to do? Not right now. Do you think whatever this is with Leah is real or just a way for Arizona to examine her happiness? I think that nobody knows what it is.

It's an interesting way for Arizona to see how she feels about being on her own and how she feels about the idea of a new relationship, but more about how she feels about being alone, which I don't think she likes. But after we found out Arizona was a little slut two seasons ago, it makes more sense now, this whole not wanting to be alone thing. Are Cristina and Owen really over? Do you think there's still hope for Callie and Arizona?

I am a very hopeful person. I think that Arizona is a very hopeful person. This is more an examination of when it's not about hope, it's about reality and what you have to deal with and what is good and what not good for any one person or character. Callie said she didn't need kids if it meant not having a life with Arizona, but Arizona countered by saying she would never deprive Callie of being a mother.

Callie tried to be supportive about their big move, but was obviously reluctant to leave Seattle behind. Sensing that Callie didn't really want to leave, Arizona decided to go by herself Arizona returned early from Africa — just in time to learn that Callie was pregnant with Mark's baby.

Torres survived, thanks to the efforts of her Seattle Grace colleagues, and her premature baby was delivered safely Rhimes granted the newlyweds a reprieve, and not much of note occurred for them until Mark and Lexie both die, Derek's hand is crushed, and Arizona's leg is badly mangled. Although Arizona begged Callie not to let them take her leg, when her injuries proved life-threatening, Callie gave the doctors permission to amputate. It was a decision that would cause Arizona to resent Callie for most of the season.

Lauren Boswell in an on-call room. Callie found out when they accidentally switched scrubs post-coitus and she saw Arizona's wedding ring pinned to Lauren's shirt. While this was indeed sad news for Calzona as a couple, Callie actually seemed pretty happy — she finally got to dance in her underwear again.

And Arizona spent their separation hooking up with intern Leah Murphy. This makes Callie decide to forgive Arizona, and she invites her wife to move back in. They soon buy a house together, and then decide they want to have another child. However, at the beginning of Season 11, Arizona is eager to pursue a fellowship that will take up too much of her time to have a newborn. These conflicting desires cause yet more friction in their marriage.

Although Arizona comes to realize in that time how much she needs Callie, Callie's conclusion is much different. She tells her wife that she enjoyed the freedom of being apart and needs more time to love herself. And then she walks out. Counting up our tally, the Frowny Faces win out by one point. Not an exact science, I know — but it does indicate a general pattern of drama, infidelity, and frustration that has plagued Callie and Arizona almost since they met.

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