Free Irc Chat Client For Mac ;

Free Irc Chat Client For Mac

Free irc chat client for mac

At the time, Jarkko was a graduate student at the University of Oulu, Finland. IRC is considered the predecessor to the multiple chat and instant messaging systems with which we communicate php site de rencontre the modern world. He was responsible for a Sun Unix server that the department ran on a public bulletin board Free irc chat client for mac named OuluBox. It was first deployed on OuluBox at the end of August The first IRC ofr was named tolsun.

Textual: IRC for macOS

December 22, Technologies that were revolutionary in the past, are commonplace today. It also includes numerous other features, such as private one-on-one messages, data transfer, and even chat rooms. And while it may not be as popular as it earlier used to be, IRC still has its following.

Even better, thanks to the availability of numerous IRC clients across all both desktop and mobile platforms, you can chat anytime and anywhere. Sounds interesting? In addition to that, mIRC also has a powerful scripting language that can be used create custom scripts for automating tasks, as well as performing functions such as network communications.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Shareware with 30 day trial. Splash screen displayed for a few seconds on every startup, on further use.

Download 2. IceChat is an extremely lightweight yet pretty capable IRC client, and will have you chatting in a matter of seconds. There are numerous pre-configured global servers you can connect to. Apart from that, you can configure custom server settings too. However, what differentiates IceChat from the previously discussed and amazing nevertheless are numerous plug-ins available for it. You can check and download all the plug-ins available for IceChat here. Textual sports a stunningly designed multi-column UI, which, with its dark and light variants, is a sheer visual delight, especially on Retina devices.

The fully loaded yet lightweight application packs in all the modern IRC related features, such as native IPv6 support, full compatibility with IRCv3 specifications, and client-side certificate authentication. Mac OS X Download 4. How cool is that? Having a fairly nice feature list, XChat Azure allows you to easily connect to multiple IRC servers and channels, making both general and private conversations effortless.

Pidgin is based on a library named libpurple that can support many instant messaging protocols. It offers end-to-end encryption. Pidgin supports the following features: You are required to enter some basic details, and server information, and you are set to go with mIRC.

It provides many robust features, including multiple configurable buddy lists, connections to multiple servers, simultaneous file transfers, customizable notification sounds, system tray notification, and lots more. Besides these features, mIRC offers a powerful scripting language for automating tasks. Its ease of use, customizable interface, cross-platform Windows, Mac, Linux makes it one of the most sorts after and highly popular IRC Client. Plus, it is multi-lingual, open source, and in active development.

It is best for those who are looking for a simple yet efficient IRC Client. When you are connected to a server, you get to retrieve the channel list by using the Server menu option and can connect to the available channels. Plus, you can access the list of active users and can trigger individual operations like file transfer, check user info, etc. HexChat is highly customizable as it features built-in Python and Perl scripting support. Other features in HexChat include direct file transfers, proxy support, spell checker, keyboard shortcuts, and network meters.

It lets you chat in a matter of few seconds. You just have to enter a nickname, choose an IRC server to connect to, and you are ready to chat with your friends. It offers many pre-configured global servers that you can connect with.

Plus, it allows you to configure custom server settings. IceChat is highly customizable. It allows you to tweak everything, including chat fonts, background colors, global application themes, and the nickname lists. Another interesting aspect of IceChat is the availability of many plugins for it.

These plugins allow you to run Google searches, follow Twitter feeds, and lots more. The best thing about Textual is the fact that it has been developed just for Mac, so there are no compatibility issues with it.

You can download Textual from the App Store itself. It is a breeze to use. Moreover, Textual has a stunningly designed multi-column UI having dark and light variants which makes it a pure visual delight on Retina devices. Textual has been studded with a stunning range of features which makes it suitable for any level of IRC user.

There are basic options like Native Notification Center, Native Fullscreen support, many keyboard shortcuts, and a number of other basic features that make it a quality IRC Client. Textual is very simple and easy to use. It is ultra clean and has features that make it suitable for both IRC newbie and power-users. Textual also offers full-text formatting, iCloud synchronization of preferences, ZNC integration, and auto-completion of nicknames and commands.

Another very important highlight of Textual is its focus on user privacy which is catered to by using the Off the Record Messaging technologies. The best part being that XChat Assure is free to use. Loaded with various powerful features, XChat Assure makes it possible for you to connect with multiple IRC servers and channels thereby giving you the opportunity to have both general and private conversations easily.

Plus, there are many regular goodies such as robust SSL support, full support for file transfers, and many useful keyboard shortcuts.

The full source code is hosted on GitHub. It is also open source IRC client application. It makes communication with your peers an easy and enjoyable experience. Some of its notable features include dual column UI, multiple server connections, file transfers, proxy and SSL support, full message logging, MTS themes, spellchecker, monitor panels, IRCv3 compatible, and much more.

It comes as free and open source IRC Client.

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