Internet Dating Tv Documentary On Fracking ;

Internet Dating Tv Documentary On Fracking

internet dating tv documentary on fracking

A new study is the first to use the Internet internet dating tv documentary on fracking social media to systematically show how a documentary film reshaped public perception and ultimately led to municipal bans on hydraulic fracking. Social scientists have long argued documentary films are powerful tools for social change. By measuring an uptick in online searches as well as social media chatter and mass media coverage, Ion Bogdan Vasi, an associate professor of sociology at the UI and corresponding author of a new study, demonstrated how local screenings of Gasland -- a American documentary that focused on communities affected by natural gas drilling -- affected the public debate on hydraulic fracking. Additionally, Vasi and his collaborators demonstrated how local interesting dating site usernames were linked to an increase in anti-fracking mobilizations that, in turn, influenced the passage of local bans internet dating tv documentary on fracking fracking. According to the study, "screenings of Gasland in different locations had an effect on the mobilization of local campaigns against the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing; in turn, those local mobilizations made local policymakers significantly more likely to take action to ban the practice of fracking. In Gasland, viewers witness people set fire to tap water allegedly contaminated by fracking in Pennsylvania and other states.

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