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Online Teen Dating Canada

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Middle school students do. And middle school students are remarkably impressionable. However, if our only response to this blog is outrage like the comment that Seventeen gave cyber-stalkers a gift-wrapped present , we miss the point -- and some important opportunities.

The reality of the world our children are growing up in is that they are going to meet people online. Don't get me wrong; teens don't belong on online dating sites.

As they enter the world of dating, it should be with people they know in a real world context, not a cyber-world context. They -- and their parents -- should know more about their dates than what you can find out from the Internet. But online dating sites aren't the only place that that people -- and youth -- meet online.

They meet on all sorts of social media sites and platforms. As all of us, our children included, start communicating more and more on social media, we run into strangers. Most of those strangers aren't dangerous. Some of those strangers become friends. I've met some wonderful people on social media, people who have taught me and supported me and made me laugh, people who have helped me be a better doctor, parent and person.

Granted, I'm a grownup and have a bit more judgment than a teen when it comes to trusting people online. But our children will be grownups one day, and if they don't have the skills they need to navigate the world of online relationships, they will run into trouble.

Manti Te'o's 2-year love affair with a nonexistent person is a great example. But even before they are grownups, social media offers youth the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, people all over the world. These connections can make the world smaller, help to build bridges and tolerance and prepare our youth for the connected life of the future.

Also, for youth who suffer from chronic disease, disabilities or who feel marginalized for other reasons, the Internet offers so many opportunities to learn and find support from people facing the same challenges. For so many people, youth included, the Internet can be a real lifeline.

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