Red Yellow Green Dating Book ;

Red Yellow Green Dating Book

red yellow green dating book

A discerner is part-brain, part-instinct, and part-Holy-Spirit. Years of staying within greem type led to many unhealthy relationships which has broken his discerner. I believe it can be fixed. This blog is to help your discerner too. This is not my brilliance. It is from Boundaries in Dating written by Dr.

red yellow green book dating a separated

These are green lights to look for every time in a new relationship: Common interests — these help you determine how you spend your free time. Common goals — these help you determine how you spend your life. Common values — these are what you are going to experience if you stay in the relationship for a long time. Do not justify away any of these early in the dating process. If there is a difference in any one of these, the relationship cannot grow.

Better to learn earlier than later. No one is perfect. Especially not you. You can have all the green lights in common but that is not going to give you the perfect relationship because human nature is still involved.

Human nature brings in selfish tendencies that can irritate the heck out of anyone. The following are Yellow Lights to be on the lookout for. This does not mean the relationship has to end or will never work. These are areas of patterns which affect relationships.

In mild doses you can grow through these together. Ask your team to speak up about any of these areas you see and discuss openly if they are relationship enders or things to grow through. She rents the apartment above his antique shop and finds out that he has a curious rule: Her curiosity is peaked and she bombards him with questions trying to figure him out.

She soon learns the only way to talk to him is to keep breaking things in the apartment, since he is a handy fixer upper. That starts interesting conversations. She asks: His example pulls her along in her faith, and her example helps to make his faith real. The light hearted moments are real and truly funny too. Like the fun she has taking off the screen door so Clay will have to come fix it again. His standing up in front of everyone to stop it, gave his friend the courage to refuse it too.

No nudity here, and a difficult subject is handled well. Many young, impressionable men could learn from his courage during a difficult situation. The soundtrack is decent and this movie flows well interestingly by going back and forth between different scenes to tell the story.

Though some content is more for adults, once you preview it, you may have older teens that would benefit from this story.

You will have to decide this. Many of us have struggled with less than perfect pre-marriage habits. Some of us would be relieved to watch two people struggling with pain and healing in this difficult area.

It is a very sweet, if painfully, sorrowful at times, modern love story in a time of pressures to conform. In that way it is inspiring! If one can put aside this piece the rest of the story is a valuable one of purity when dating and the pain that comes from impurity. The real life sorrows it causes and how two people try find a way to heal and retain purity amidst struggles. It is by no means raunchy or sleazy by any means. From Catholic standards there is no confession, but one could imagine it there.

Interestingly there are two characters that cross themselves, but the Church is simply non-denominational. There is no swearing or taking the Lords name in vain. Who is this movie for? Well, if you have a family where you grew up sheltered in a homeschooling family, no temptations outside of the home, married and started a family in the right order, then you can skip this. Those that need to rediscover their purity after falling. And those needing some encouragement in the struggle, just to name a few.

What did I think of it?

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