Samsung S3100 Review Uk Dating ;

Samsung S3100 Review Uk Dating

samsung s3100 review uk dating

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Samsung S disassembly, screen replacement and repair

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Coliseum is next door. Permanezcan en diensten. Dating myth or reality? You can now pry the battery compartment away from the rest of the phone. A ribbon connector circled now needs to be disconnected. It attaches like a plug and socket. Just lever this up to unplug. You can now lift the circuit board away from the rest of the phone, as shown below.

Five screws need to be removed. Four are circled below. The fifth screw is accessed by moving the slide down slightly so it's half open. Now wedge your plastic tool between the black, metal part and the front of the phone. Lever your plastic tool on each side of the phone and you should feel the front of the phone release. Carefully slide the long ribbon you can see through the gap in the slider. Your phone should now look like below. Three ribbons need to be disconnected, circled below.

They are connected in a different way to previous ribbons. To release each ribbon, flick the latch up where the ribbon enters its socket. Below you can see the latches open. To disconnect each ribbon, pull it away from its socket.

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