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The dating a guy who isnt emotionally unavailable dating game that's 'otome game' to non-otaku is based on the Bronze Award-winning Samurai dating game Demon of the Fleeting Blossom and casts you in the role of Chizuru, a young girl searching for her missing father. Chizuru's quest leads her across the Shinsengumi, a band samurai dating game Samurai sworn to protect the shogun who are also searching for her father for reasons of their own. In the midst of this samurai dating game novel mystery, romance blossoms as Chizuru learns that she can find love - and six separate storylines - with the various members of the Shinsengumi. Girl power Similar to other visual novels, Hakuoki isn't a button masher. You'll spend most of your time reading your way through this one and helping Chizuru make difficult decisions - but that's all part of the charm. And speaking of charm, Aksys announced a Limited Edition version of Hakuoki:

Sword of the Samurai on Steam

If you persevere in playing the game for months, you can build up coins and pearls and energy hearts over time. Do the events, do the cooking classes when you can. Build up points, have in reading the stories and the diary entries and the letters. Visit allies daily because you can get a pearl from visiting allies pretty often, and pearls are used for most things in the game. If you use coins for the castle lottery, do the 10 draws at once, you usually have a chance to get pearls that way too.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have!! In game purchases can help but are NOT necessary unless you get impatient with collecting pearls and coins! If half the things in this game that needed pearls could use coins it would be a lot more playable. It's a very fun game but if your not ready to get bleeded dry i woundnt waste the time, too bad im already emotional and financially invested in this game: That being said, this has been my favorite one by far for a few reasons.

Firstly, the writing in this game is impeccable. One of the thugs raises his foot, intentionally set to breaking your hairpin further, you try to stop him but you are raised by your collar. Preparing yourself to be met with a fist, you brace yourself only to find that the one-eyed regular had apprehended all three with the blunt of his sword. Wondering who he was you proceed to block the thug's hasty exit from the restaurant.

The thug is further apprehended by another young man with baby blue eyes, his attention is solely on the man with the eyepatch and refers to him as the "One-Eyed Dragon". A nearby customer exclaims that he is Masamune Date of Oshu.

Masamune in turns to greet the other as Sanada. The thought of them being friends shatters as you soon figure out that the two men before you are on the opposing sides.

Desperate to stop an inevitable battle between the two, you grab hold onto Sanda exclaiming that they can fight in the shop over your dead body. You apologize for being rude when you ascertain that a fight would not break out. With the help of the customers, you begin to clean up but the only thing that you are able to see is the broken hairpin on the floor.

With a heavy heart you excuse yourself from the restaurant, clutching the broken hairpin. You head towards the riverbed, crying. A familiar man interrupts your woes, giving you sound advice. Your Mother calls out to you, relieved that she has found you, asking you to return. Before leaving, you turn towards the man and ask if he is Lord Nobunaga Oda to which he gives a retort telling you to go.

Still confused your Mother breaks to you the news that the previous thugs have returned and have brought the Magistrate with them. To your horror it is the very same Magistrate that has been trying to court you and soon he announces that the restaurant would be closed down.

However he presents one condition to keep the restaurant open and that is for your brother, Yahiko, to become a poison taster. Recalling Nobunaga's words by the riverbed, you steel your resolve in taking your brother's place.

Without sleeping you bind your chest and dressing yourself in mens clothes you leave the restaurant, getting into the back of the awaiting wagon you watch as the only town you've ever known become smaller and smaller. You are in the midst of a burning village, your clan's hidden village, struggling to survive an attack of an enemy, the only thought keeping you on your feet are the words: You make a run for it only to be stopped by another villain diminishing your hope of survival.

However luck is on your side as your attacker suddenly falls lifelessly onto the ground, the man behind him is someone you know well: Sakuya Fujibayashi, a friend you had back in your hometown Iga. His cold tone sends you back in time before the tragedy had befallen your ruined hidden village Ten years from today marks the day you have left Iga and the day your Mother had passed on.

You reminisce as you stand in front of the makeshift grave with your Father, looking around the peaceful village. You never thought that you would ever see the day when you and your people would live an idyllic life Your clan, the Mitsuba clan, is a clan that dabbled in poisons for as long as history can tell. They are experts in their use of poisons in the art of assassination, however ten years ago when you and your clan had left Iga your clan's goal had been revised to saving as many lives rather than taking them away.

It was only a few years ago when your clan had finally reached an era peace under the protection of Lord Nobunaga Oda in exchange for your clan's secret elixir called the Dragon's Tears that can only be created by your Father and yourself.

Accompanied by your Father, you both head down into the village and meet with Kaede, another member of the Mitsuba clan, and her animal companion Futaro, a flying squirrel. She asks that there is a demand to create another secret elixir and your Father mentions that there is also a need for more herbs, you agree to go look for them and create the elixir. Making your way through the forest in search for the familiar herbs you need you become highly alert of another presence and come to a stop.

Cautiously scanning your surroundings your hand tighten around your kunai yet you cannot see anyone. Letting out a breath you resume your search only to be interrupted by a man with long silver hair, no doubt that he is a ninja. His unforeseen movement only adds to your judgement when you feel a cold sting near your throat, your worst fears are proven true when the man before you confirms that he is a shinobi of Iga.

He introduces himself as Hanzo Hattori. The safety of your village on the line, you reluctantly hear him out. With each word that comes out from his mouth your fear that your secret elixir is already out and simultaneously sewing in doubt of your protector, Lord Nobunaga, into the depths of your heart.

Carrying these doubts and worry for your Father, you are forced to follow Hanzo under the guise of a healer walking through Kiyosu all the while planning for your chance to escape. Your hopes are dashed when Hanzo speaks again. You hadn't gotten far when you both are stopped by another masculine voice, this time it belonged to a man with an eyepatch who Hanzo referred to as Lord Date of Oshu. You are surprised that the Lord Masamune Date would be here and to know of Hanzo personally. Despite your initial shock, you play along with Hanzo's script of you being an apprentice healer.

For a moment you don't know what will happen when Lord Masamune asks for Hanzo to return with him to Oshu, but as if it luck were shining upon you, Hanzo agrees telling you that he will come back later for you. Lord Masamune Date whispers words of reassurance to your bemusement.

However he has already left your side leaving you to your thoughts, strangely his whisper felt familiar to you. Shaking the thought aside, you head back to your village but stop when Hanzo's words cause you to take a detour to Kiyosu castle.

Masquerading as a healer in search of employment you offer the wounded Lord an ointment you offer your services only to be declined. This, however, brings you short relief of his loyalty to your clan when he says that he only needs one person under his employ. You head home, with thoughts clouding your mind on your recent encounter with the Lord, in great speed only to see another man standing by your village's entrance. A hawk on one of his broad shoulder.

You immediately hide yourself, your hand wrapping around your kunai. But the man calls out, sensing your presence, moving towards your area. Noticing the scar above his eye you realize that he is in fact your hero and first love, Sasuke Sarutobi. Another man in shinobi uniform appears beside Sasuke to ask for his return and you find out that the assassin that had injured Lord Nobunaga had been him.

Finally returning to your village you call for a clan gathering explaining everything that had happened to you when you had gone out earlier that day. Unanimously the group agrees that they will have to decide again on who to serve with the Dragon's Tears being the ultimatum.

With that the council comes to a close and later you wake up to your village being raided. You have no choice but to separate from your Father Back to the present you are faced with Sakuya who states that Lord Nobunaga has ordered him to collect her.

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