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Steyr Dating

steyr dating

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I want someone special. Even thinking of him should make me smile. I'm looking for my soulmate, someone to be my lover and my be.. GrayScale , 32 y. I want to meet new people and see how it will go. I'm active person with sense of humor.

Like to spend time outside but cooking or watching move together will be also fun. Like to talk and listen to othe.. Sosweetguy , 42 y. Looking for someone down to earth who has a sense of humour. Love meeting interesting people who enjoy good conversation. With the exception of the barrel, none of the parts look like what you think they should. What really amazed me when I field stripped the rifle after firing rounds was how incredibly clean all the internal parts were. It was a 1. Externally, the scope has a Picatinny rail on top for the mounting of additional accessories.

Since this was the way the rifle was supplied, most of the shooting was conducted in this configuration. Shooting Impressions Five different loads were tested from the bench at 50 yards and the average group size for all 15 groups fired was 1.

This may not seem all that impressive but keep two things in mind. For one, this is a combat weapon designed to shoot bad guys not prairie dogs and two; the coarse reticle and low magnification scope made precision shooting, even at 50 yards, tedious. Like most tactical optics, the Steyr scope mounted directly to the Picatinny rail.

The difference was in the screws used. These required a special wrench that is supplied with the rifle. I then fired several more groups at 50 yards with a couple different loads. For those that are all wrapped up in accuracy, the thinner reticle and 5x magnification reduced group sizes, on average, by about a quarter of an inch. Where the AUG really excelled was in fast action drills on targets between five and 50 yards, especially when multiple shots were fired at each target.

The weapon was very controllable and I was able to double-tap targets with blinding speed and still get good hits. A SWAT officer who assisted in the testing was impressed with the speed at which multiple hits could be obtained too, especially when multiple targets were engaged. We both found the Steyr AUG to point naturally and be very controllable during sustained, rapid fire. During the testing, which involved firing rounds of a variety of ammunitions; there were no malfunctions, period.

Final Notes As far as I am concerned, there are only two downsides to the Steyr AUG being implemented in a law enforcement or military unit, or even used by a civilian. The bean counters and the tactical guys at each agency you and your wife for tactical minded civilians will have to weigh the benefits of the AUG to determine the worth of its purchase price. The second consideration would be the intense train-up required to bring team members up to speed on the weapon system.

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