Violetta 2 Odcinek 37 Online Dating ;

Violetta 2 Odcinek 37 Online Dating

violetta 2 odcinek 37 online dating

Diego asks Violetta if she would like to make pizza with him at the Castillo violetta 2 odcinek 37 online dating. She agrees, and while they're kneading dough, they start throwing flour and chasing each other. At the same time, Leon arrives to see Violetta and gets jealous about her having fun ling he simulation dating Diego. She tells Leon that their relationship shouldn't have ended and that their love was very strong. Leon tells Violetta that their love was not strong and that she has forgotten about what she had done. Violetta is sad because of what Leon said. The next day she apologizes to Diego who accepts her apology immediately.

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Leon goes over to Violetta's house and tells her that the relationship between him and her is over and that he's officially dating Lara. After eavesdropping on Violetta and Leon, Herman complains to Ramallo about it. Ramallo tells the truth to Herman and says that he always pushes Violetta too hard.

Marotti announces that the mayor has changed his mind, and the show is back on once more. Jade forces Herman to tell Esmeralda that he got fired from the job at the restaurant. Ludmila picks on Violetta and gets an idea in her head that Violetta lip-synced her whole show. Herman tells Violetta that he won't be able to see her show. Meanwhile, Ludmila and Diego trade threats about what they know about each other.

Matias tells Jade that there are plenty other men for her out there, but she refuses and says that she wants Herman. Violetta doesn't understand how Leon can forget her so quickly. This makes her stop singing half way through the first chorus. Diego comes in and tells Violetta that she must try to forget Leon, but she says that it's hard to forget anyone. Violetta confides in Francesca.

Violetta has a dream about her and Leon. They end up getting calls from each other which they find quite strange. Herman tells Violetta that it's always worth to love someone with all your heart. Ludmila once again nags Diego to get Violetta out of the studio. I look no matter where one another. So what I really want is a fun, not by lumbersexual dating website paging through a giant book.

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